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2023: Peter Obi Will Win More than 90% Of Votes In South-East, Says Architect Mike Nwafor

Contrary to the predictions of his opponents that rate him low in the forthcoming Presidential election, the Director of Adminis...

Contrary to the predictions of his opponents that rate him low in the forthcoming Presidential election, the Director of Administration of the Labour Party Presidential Council, Architect Mike Nwafor has predicted Peter Obi will not win anything less than 90 per cent of the total valid votes cast in the South East. 

Nwafor, an architect and fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) and former Managing Director/ CEO of Anambra State Housing Development Corporation when Obi was governor told journalists in an interview on Tuesday morning in Awka that Obi’s victory will extend far into other regions of the country given his popularity and the enthusiasm people of diverse cultures and ethnicity showed on his Presidential aspiration. 

He said this showed that Obi is not just a Nigerian phenomenon but a global brand many countries would wish to have as their president. 

Describing Obi as “a President waiting to be crowned that will take Nigeria from consumption to production, creating wealth across the land and getting us to realise our potentials for all that God has given to us that was wasted” said, “we are looking forward to the realisation and recovery of all that”.

He said, “Peter Obi is a global brand, he is not just a Nigerian phenomenon, the biggest and the best political brand in Nigeria today who can decipher Nigeria’s problems, analyse them and adduce appropriate solutions. He has the maturity, the knowledge, the education, the versatility and the wisdom. His excellency, Peter Obi’s presidency will show Nigerians what they have missed all these years when we enthroned mediocrity over meritocracy, capacity and competence.

On some lapses discovered on the Voters register, Nwafor said the party has drawn the attention of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to it but warned that the coming election is like no other in Nigeria because  “Nigeria is sitting on her belly, and if there is no effort to rescue her now, the entire nation
Might go down. Everything is down, literally everything has collapsed, so the only way we can begin a rescue operation is for everybody saddled with a rescue role to do it efficiently and effectively. 

He said Nigerians only need to know how Obi governed Anambra State to foresee the glorious times ahead if he wins.
According to him, “Obi’s governance brought decency, stability and showed focus. He didn’t have scandals and a reckless kind of living. He gave character, gave the vision, and gave direction. He demonstrated what is expected of a servant leader. If you worked, you were paid, if he makes procurement the products were paid for and at that time we took it for granted.

“Obi is standing out clear and distinct and if we realise that we have a problem, a challenge in the country, the question is: who do we pitch our tent with? I find Obi the most acceptable, most qualified, most distinct and most verifiable of the candidates. You can’t even vouch for some candidates names.

“I am seeking for the good of this land. I want my children to have a country, have a home and those of them outside to come back home  and have a fulfilled life”, he added. The talent, capacity, and resources of diaspora Nigerians could just prove the game changer in our March to join the developed countries and we need them here and now. Obi is the catalyst for that action.


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