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Student Protest: LASU Students Storm Fashola’s Office With Beds & Cooking Beans with Firewood

Student Protest: LASU Students Storm Fashola’s Office With Beds & Cooking Beans with Firewood

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LASU Student
After eight of LASU students who were involved in one of their protests on Tuesday were arraigned before an Ikeja chief magistrate’s court for alleged breach of public peace by Police, students in their hundreds yesterday around 3:00pm matched to the governor’s office and barricaded the entrance with two BRT buses and other vehicles they came with.
They danced, lay their beds on the floor and set up traditional cooking stove where they cooked beans for themselves and sang solidarity songs.  
Private security men at the entrance quickly locked up the gate preventing them from entering and alerted police officers attached to Area F police command who quickly drafted to the scene to forestall any damage to government’s property.

The union President, Nurudeen Yusuf, when approached said the peaceful protest was a citizen’s right as enshrined in the constitution. He urged the Governor to meet the demand of the students and reduce the tuition fee, as they would not relent in their struggle and demanded the immediate release of their colleagues who are in cell.

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