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Jehovah's Witness parents arrested after running away with terminally ill son ,sparking massive manhunt

Jehovah's Witness parents arrested after running away with terminally ill son ,sparking massive manhunt

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Jehovah's witness parents have been found and arrested after they  took their terminally  ill son from a London  hospital and escaped to Spain.

The couple Brett, 51, and Neghmeh, 45, had taken 5 year old Ashya from Southampton General Hospital on Thursday, after doctors told them he had months to live.

It sparked a manhunt across England, France and Spain and police issued a European warrant for their arrests on the grounds of neglect.After their arrest while trying to check into a hotel in Spain,a video was released by them explaining why they ran with him...
 "We were most disturbed today to find that his face is all over the internet and newspapers and we have been labelled as kidnappers putting his life at risk, neglect.'There is nothing wrong with him, he is very happy actually. Since we took him out of hospital, he has been smiling a lot more.' 'We're not neglecting our son, he's in perfectly good health. My son is smiling, he's happy, we're doing things as a family 'We just want to be left in peace. He's very sick. I just want to get on with his treatment. I'm not coming back to England if I cannot give him the treatment I want, which is proper treatment. I just want positive results for my son.'
 Friends said the Kings ‘idolised’ their children and had refused to accept that Ashya’s life could not be saved.

The couple are Jehovah’s Witnesses and the decision to take their son without doctors’ approval raised questions over whether they were trying to avoid a blood transfusion, which their faith rejects.

But a spokesman for the Office of Public Information for Jehovah’s Witnesses said there was ‘absolutely no indication’ their move was motivated by religion.

Doctors said Ashya only had four months left to live because of the aggressive nature of his cancer

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