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‘Women Always Warn Me Anytime We Finish Having Sex ‘ – Crippled Man Says

A 35-year old crippled cobbler Mr. Wasiu Ajibade in Ogun State has finally opened up on his sad encounter with women for over 20 Years wh...

A 35-year old crippled cobbler Mr. Wasiu Ajibade in Ogun State has finally opened up on his sad encounter with women for over 20 Years who practically turned him into an ATM for money but none of them wanted to marry him because of his condition.
He said that the few women that came to him for sex would sneak into his room apartment very late in the evening and collect all the money he had before accepting. Thereafter they will warn him never to tell anyone that they allowed him to have sex with them because he was crippled.
He said that some will tell him just to be satisfied with their association with him and never think of sleeping with them because other man will not marry them if they discovered that they slept with him. He explained that there was nothing wrong with his private part and other parts of his body excepts his two legs and it did not stop him from working hard and making money which those women were collecting from him.
Ajibade said that when he remembers what some of those women did to him, he sometimes regret and explained that it was his fate as he was not born cripple. He explained that her mother told him that the accident that led to his being crippled happened when he was three years old due to a rain storm that struck him and affected the legs when he was sent on an errand.
He said that the situation continued with women and as a Muslim he started praying asking God to give him a wife that will accept his condition. He said that at a time, he realized that those women were monitoring his businesses, were scrambling for his money and he was helpless because he thought they were even doing him favour by talking to him at all.
Ajibade said at a time and with prayers he summoned the courage and asked his present wife, Rashidat for her hand in marriage and she accepted. He said he was initially surprised and shocked when his wife accepted and asked him to meet her parents for proper marriage engagement. He thought it was an impossible task and a ploy by his wife to discharge him. But when he met her parents, the father summoned her, she accepted. Her father repeatedly asked her whether she knew the condition of the suitor and she replied yes. That was how he got married to his wife and the marriage is now blessed with four kids and they are living happily.
An elated Ajibade said that he was grateful to God and was not discouraged because of his condition. He went on and learnt a trade which God used to bless him and his family and can confidently take care of his children.


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