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Joseph Yobo's Mother-In-Law Debunks Marriage Crash Rumour on Adaeze Igwe

Joseph Yobo's Mother-In-Law Debunks Marriage Crash Rumour on Adaeze Igwe

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Mrs. Abigail Fashanu, mother of Joseph Yobo’s wife, Adaeze Igwe, has reacted to rumour that her marriage has crashed.

Her husband, John Fashanu, a retired footballer, also disclosed some time ago that his union with Abigail has not packed up as being widely speculated in some quarters.

Speaking with Encomium Magazine, the pretty woman disclosed that people like fabricating stories because she is the quiet type. According to Abigail, she still creates time for her husband and observed that enemies only wish her marriage crumbles.

She pointed out similar stories have been peddled against her daughter’s marriage to Yobo.
Adaee Igwe

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